Sunday, 8 March 2009


back after missing in action. I've just been far too busy to blog and a bit too atached to twitter.
There's been a lot I've wanted to write about just haven't found the time. Amy & Caitlin's 5th birthday, Alice's gymnastics competition, Alison's 40th celebrations, Alan & Jaclyn's upcoming nuptials, my work hell (every day I'm closer to running away forever), my awesome training schedule, my over commitment to committees, explaining the concept of heaven and hell to a 7 year old, having a 5 year old screaming I hate you on a regular basis, mising my husband more each day.
What I have learned from my last blog is that I'm not perfect and it doesn't matter that much that I'm not. My best is getting me through and that's ok. I also realise that I have no ambition. That is pretty disappointing. My ambitions are for my children I want the best for them and for them to have every opportunity in life. My ambitions are tiny wee ones like lose some weight, run a few more miles, keep on top of things. That has to be the strangest ever change in my life. I always was ambitious and had goals, maybe that's what has been driving me a bit mad for awhile.
Anyway, today was a great day. As there was no skating and A&C spent their 5th birthday watching Alice & her friends compete at Largs, we had planned to go to a museum in the morning and cinema in the afternoon. We were all ready by 9.30am however the blizzard outside had other ideas for us. I wasn't prepared to drive on untreated roads with no idea of whether it would get worse or better. I quickly logged on to Odeon and found that the local cinema was showing Bolt in 3D in an hours time. So off we nipped. Can I just say that Disney Digital 3D is awesome. No more red and green blurry images it was brill and the animation was amazing.
Everyone enjoyed themselves even though Amy had a wee sob when Bolt left Mittens and Rhino behind to find Penny.
The weather had massively improved when we got out of the cinema so we went to Kelvingrove. By the time we got there it was snowing heavily again so it was a chilly damp run into the museum The girls enjoyed the museum massively - which was a huge surprise. they were disappointed that we didn't go to the art galleries as we only had time for a quick bite to eat before the parking ticket ran out. We did have time for pooh sticks in the River Kelvin though.
The girls have been lovely today. We've had an excellent Team Boucher day. Trying to think what I can sell to be able to afford Las Vegas. Also trying to think what I can do for a living as I don't really want to do my job anymore. I don't like people, deadlines or working for anyone except me. I like reading, researching and writing. Any ideas?
Alice and Amy have their Burns competition tomorrow. Ah the tension, think I'll have to give up the trophy from my mantlepiece.