Sunday, 8 February 2009


Pete came home on Thursday night sans bag. The children were very pleased to see him and we had a pleasant little trip to Kilmarnock to get Pete some clobber to wear out on Friday night. We even had time to stop for coffee and a chat about whether he is ever coming home again. It would seem not for another year. Any longer than that and we will have to consider moving out to Malta. I've never even visited Malta so I don't know what this would entail.
Saturday meant ballet and the manic nature of organising that. The kids decided to have a mini party for daddy coming home so I made some cakes, burgers, popcorn blah di blah, laid it all out on a Barbie tablecloth on the floor and had a big picnic and watched happily N'ever After. How pleasant. Pete and I didn't last long after the children and were knocked out by 9.30pm. Back to the cakes - I noticed Alice gumming one of them to death and commented that it must be difficult to eat with her lack of teeth. Yes, she said but also they are quite hard. Hard??? But I am the Queen of Cupcakes. So, I start having a flashback to making said cakes and realise that I had not in fact added any margarine. ???????????? How do these things happen?
Sunday - the snow came late so we didn't get a chance to play. Skating went really badly. Amy blubbed the whole time and has now concluded that she should just give up. Probably wise as she has never been as into it as the other 2 and complains the whole time about being cold. I can't remedy that. So Sunday has turned into a bit nothingy really. It came and went. School holidays this week - what fun!! Got Susan and Tom coming for dinner on Tues night, lunch with Claire on Thursday and then Gordon and Carrie's wedding on Saturday. Trying to fit in going to Amazonia, swimming and soft play. Grand National all finally booked. Holidays not even decided on yet. No mobile phone yet - apparently it is stuck in snow (AH snow won't start again honest)Alice has lots of gymnastics competitions coming up. And have double booked myself on a couple of the days. The first one - 1st March - kind of clashes with A&C's birthday and the day after Alison's 40th. Great timing. Poor Amy & Caitlin - their birthday gets hijacked again. I will think of something to make up for it. The 3rd competition is on the 3rd April - Ladies Day at Aintree (aarrgghh).
So I guess the secret of single parenting is scheduling and forget having your own life - that's the bit I'm struggling with. I think because I was used to Pete being about and letting me go out occasionally by myself I got a bit used to it. Now I have to schedule me time during school hours only.
Anyway, the King awaits my presence in the upper chamber, cheerio!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


This is why I love working from home. I don't have to take the day off when I'm ill. I can snuggle up on the sofa with a blankey, eating jelly babies, drinking tea, watching Greys Anatomy and writing an awesome piece of editorial. It's one of my best. I like to think.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


That is the question? I haven't written for a while for a couple of reasons. 1) Am very busy either working or working out 2) Am feeling a teensy bit down in the dumps 3) Writing down the mundanity of my life might send me spiralling further down.
So when to blog? Should I really only blog when feeling happy? When something major occurs? Or should I man it up and get back into the habit? One to ponder in the bath I feel.
So what's been happening. Well today Alice finally managed to get her walk-over in gymnastics. Am so proud of her. She also has her routine for an upcoming competition. I know not when but I do know its in Largs - so it'll be a the National Sports Centre in Inverclyde again -cool!
Amy & Cailtin's teacher wrote in their homework books how good their reading is and apparently Caitlin is outstanding at her Scottish poetry. Fingers crossed for the Burns Competition.
Had a really hilarious moment tonight Jane's Addiction was on in the bathroom and Amy started dancing like a crazy. It really does not bode well for her future life of crime. She gets a kick out of dancing naked to Been Caught Stealing. Caitlin in the other hand would giggle at a wheel turning. I cannot work this child out. Her emotions are so extreme; she either cries her heart out or giggles uncontrollably.
I am about to embark on teh last of the Shopaholic series of books. I feel quite sad. Once I finish it'll be like moving away or leaving school/job. All the people you've become familiar with will be gone. Am having a bit of a chick lit phase at the mo. Read The Kite Runner last week and that's as deep as its been getting. Just not in the mood. Need some frippery.
I think I am adjusting badly to life as a single parent. The shoutiness hasn't abated and I'm getting panicky about emotionally scarring my children for life. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll repress the memories of grumpy mummy in favour of mummy who takes them nice places and cooks nice food and reads lots of stories. I can but dream.
Anyway, wish the southern softies would stop going on about the snow. We in the Arctic Circle regularly get bouts of deep snow but the country does not come to a standstill. We get out a shovel, some warm clothes and get on with our lives - London take note. It is really pissing me off how cold weather in February in the UK (big fecking surprise) gets more news coverage than the Cholera epidemic killing thousands of people in Southern Africa. AND!!!!! in Breakfast News they commented quite cheerfully not to worry its heading up to the North and Scotland now - well phew what a sigh of relief. AT LEAST WE CAN HANDLE IT YOU SASSENACHS!!!!!
Rant over. Me, MC Beaton and Blondie are off for a bath.