Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Got back into running yesterday. Although with the slippy pavements it was more like core work trying to keep upright. Have been working out in my new home gym/wii room/conservatory and its going well. I think I'm quite well equipped in there. Cept Sky don't work in there, note to self, must find scart connection or other such connection. Finished watching Heroes last night, my Sky plus info said it was 13 of 25, the episode said end of Volume 3 start of Volume 4 and its not back on yet - what's happening, I need my fix. Bones stopped suddenly now Heroes aarrghgh!!
Alice decided that she is going to be herself from now on (too much Camp Rock I think but this isn't a bad thing to decide). It turns out that at gymnastics and drama she has been using a baby voice and acting wee - she says its because everyone thinks she's cute and she thinks they won't think that if she behaves like a normal 7 year old. (Arrgghh 7 ick) Tonight at drama she tried being herself and it all went ok, apparently. She says Scott calls her tiny at gymnastics, I have told her he will probably always call her this as he as known her since she was.
Kid traumas - it's going to get more complicated isn't it -aargghh.
Using Pete's computer tonight and its a pain in the arse. The buttons are all cocked up and I can't get into my ebay account for the usual crap ebay reasons. Anyway got to get used to it as I may have to use it for my new job as Janice Marshall's secretary. Oh yes, I am now secretary of the dance school. At least this one pays, secretary of the Parent Council is out of the goodness of my heart.
There's so much I want to do this year, for myself and the kids. Not sure how much of it will be achievable but I'm feeling very positive about 2009. Despite the fact that I have missed my 6am workout for the past 3 days I have loads of energy (up until 9.30pm at least)
Quick rat update - there are no rats, however there are no cats. They have all left home due to Christmas, don't blame them really. But if you want more rhyming there are still bats. And I'm still fat (heehee)
Right the chaos continues (I love it) so I'm off to make the pieces and have a bath (what a shocker)

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