Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Everywhere within a 5 mile radius has snow except us. That is very poor. I love snow. I lost a 1lb this week. I am v proud of this for 3 reasons 1. PMT 2. No exercise 3.Drinking at the weekend. So yay.
I ran over to the petrol station a minute ago and was smiling and nodding to the staff including mechanic blokes and realised on the way back home that my socks were showing over the UGG boots I had casually slung on. So what says you - well the top of socks are little squishy penguins wearing bobble hats, so the little penguin bobble hats bounced along the top of my boots. Yikes.
Had a meeting with some web blokes today and yikes their prices were scary. We've had much cheaper quotes and now I have that dilemma of were the cheap ones cheap for a reason or are the expensive ones expensive cos they're taking the piss.
Pete's been kind of down and moody recently and I have no idea what's going on in his world or how I can help. Am sure it'll work itself out in the end.
Speaking of hunky men - the Tour Down Under starts proper today. The pre race race was on Sunday and its good to see Lance back. Pete thinks he looks like Lance, they both have 3 children including twins and I fancy them both - seperated at birth I think :)
Speaking of fancying - I have becomed utterly seduced by Twilight. Never has a book been able to capture the anguish of a teenage girl falling for the wrong person. It is beautifully and so accurately written - vampire malarky aside, although I confess a guilty pleasure for books with a vampire related theme. It just really captures the constant nausea of teen love - that mix of adrenaline, fear and excitement and the ability for one other person to make you feel so small and insignificant. Even me, who was somewhat Amazonian in apperance and an exceptionally strong character could be reduced to a blubbering, gibbering mess by that one look, or not as the case may be, from the wrong person.
Out with the mushy stuff, Alice is busy song writing in the hope that she and daddy can record a cd of her songs when he returns. There is much excitement as Hannah Montana - The movie is out soon at cinemas. Amy has decided that she wants to be a Gladiator called Fox and she even does a Fox face and some Fox moves. I must post up the pics of her Fox pose as it cracks me up every time.
Anyway I must go and pick the kids up, ttfn x

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brettcarr said...

Please post pics of Fox, we'd love to see them