Wednesday, 14 January 2009


So tomorrow I'm off to the big city - London. OOh how exciting. So that meant I HAD to go and get my hair done this morning. Feel like I am channelling Cheryl Cole, and that is not a good thing. Don't get me wrong I lurve my Hollywood bouncy hair, quite fancy myself but still keep thinking of La Cole and Girls Aloud songs keep playing in my head. Aarrgghh!!!
Came home and cleaned for a bit - oh yeah forgot I fell in the street on some ice, must have looked like a right jakey. So my sore bits are even sorer now. Was very sore actually today but have been trying to come off the drugs cos they're making me a but loopy.
Went to a Parent Council meeting where we have decided to have a Bingo Night in March, what fun. There was not a lot to make me cross this time - must be the drugs. Then on to drama and streetdance and to deliver my first secretarial assignment, thanks to Marion. She single handedly cut out 200 notices - smashing.
Have decided to include in my blog the Radio Scotland Get It On theme of the day as I hope you will take it, dear reader, into the outside world and get a good old discussion going. Tonight it was Songs which are counted in - eg. U2 Vertigo, Big Country Fields Of Fire. So off you go.
And off I go, new eyelashes and scarlet lippy in bag. Ooh speaking of lipppy have found the perfect scarlet lip gloss which stays put for deffo. (12 hours no less). Maybellline stayfast 9or something like that). It is fab. Scarlet, glossy and does not shift. Buy it now.
That's all for now. Will let you know how it goes xx


brettcarr said...

So so we get a prize for the most amoutn of numbers, I got one with 10
Adam and the Ants - Fall In

Ian C said...

How about bands who use count ins frequently- like The Ramones!1234.....

Fields of Fire.. my first grown up gig was big country in 87 at Sheffield Octagon (the underwraps tour) supported by an unknown stourbridge band called The Wonderstuff.... ( I even heckled Miles Hunt about it in 2000 at The Longest day in Nottingham and got a response!). Suffice to say never bought another big country record but couldn't find a stuffies one in the shops till 1988.

I think I need to buy Big Country's "The Crossing" again, my vinyl copy was worn out by 1986. looking back maybe big country's legacy is less embarrassing than the wonderstuffs, at least big country remained the same, whereas the Stuffies- well size of a cow, Welcome to the Cheap seats, the Vic reeves songs dilute the quality of The groove machine and Hup! IMHO

Anyway just realised I'm blogging on someone elses blog!!

brettcarr said...

I downloaded the crossing a while ago and have really enjoyed listening to it again