Saturday, 24 January 2009


Everyone is somewhere except me- boo! Mum in NZ, Alison & Jaclyn in NY, PDB in Libya and me in Kilwinning. I can't even find a holiday in S France as everywhere is either too expensive or not right. Might have to rethink holiday plans. I want to be on holiday for the whole of the year actually.
It did snow. While I was running. I didn't mean to run, well I did but not at that point in time and not that route. But I had a puncture, I drove to school on 3 wheels wondering what the juddering was- oops! So I took it to the garage (lucky I know a good one) left it there and decided since I was dressed for it anyway I would just run home, in the snow, in public, yuk. When I got home I decided to jump on my bike and go out on the bike for an hour, that was awesome actually. What wasn't awesome was when I went back to work later to pick up car and to pop some paperwork in to Alan and Billy, Billy asked if I'd been out on my bike - yes replies me, thinking was I spotted, or do I just have a rosy glow. Ah, says Billy, you have cyclist's stripe. Yes that big streak of mud right up the back of my jacket - bear in mind I'd just walked through town, passing some other school mums on the way. Minus alpha mum points.
Plus alpha mum points for being able to wear 5" heels to gymnastics and dancing- oh yeah baby.
Yesterday, I decided to walk home through town doing some errands on the way and visiting the library, job done I wandered home only to discover that I'd left the house keys in the car and had to walk back to school again to pick up the keys. grrr!! Went running to alleviate frustration. Got some new CDs from library, new Kings Of Leon, Noah and The Whale, Katy Perry and Pussycat Dolls and Miley Cyrus for Alice. Kings of Leon sparked a conversation yesterday on bands like Kings of Leon and Scissor Sisters who are bigger in the UK than their native countries - do ABBA fit into this category. Can't remember if they were as big in Sweden. Thinking of doing some downloading - never ever have, anything ever. But I heard a band called The Airborne Toxic Experiment (TATE) on the radio and loved them and it was available as a download. Stand back world as I enter the 21st C.
Alice gave up Streetdance amid much tears. She was finding it tough and not enjoying it. She tearfully said, you said I could give anything up I wanted. Oh yes, of course you can give it up. I'll be better off and not have to drag A&C out at 7pm another night.
Having been heartily enjoying sport on tv. Sinead and John Kerr won bronze at the Europeans, their new routine is to Muse - fantastic!! Have been cycling on the bike along with the Tour Down Under. Decided last night to keep up the cadence of the cyclists at various stages. During a standard stage the peloton was averaging 39kmph. In the last 200km sprint finishes, the sprinters were doing over 60kmph. Tonight in the downhill stages of the mountains Lance was acheiving speeds of over 100kmph. God I love cycling. It looks like Allan Davies has won. The Ozzies have been v impressive throughout. Also in Oz, Andy Murray marches on. He makes me laugh with his "guns" but he is exceptional on the court. Also, I do think he has a very attractive voice - excellent for radio when you don't have to see his daft face.
We've been having a really good time at home recently, playdoh, jigsaws, lots of singing and dancing like crazies, and unending games of dominoes. Team Boucher in full effect. Alice is really loving designing fashion, Amy is outside a lot (amazing), digging for dinosaur bones and Caitlin has brushed more hair on ponies and barbies than Nicky Clarke has done in his entire career.
So there we have it a few days of books, sport, cleaning, cooking and day dreaming.


brettcarr said...

The Airborne Toxic Experiment, havent heard them but saw the name in the NME this week and thought it was fab so am going to download or at least give them a listen on
So is Alice's fashion designing using the stuff we bought her at Xmas.
BTW Emma thinks the till and the Night Garden playdoh set is ace.

brettcarr said...

By the way not everybody is somewhere, we're stuck at home aswell. Although we are going to Holland next weekend.

Amanda said...

Yes to fashion and see you're going somewhere - boo!!!

Ian C said...

We aren't going anywhere :o(

Was thinking of looking for summer hols , but first theres the question of the ATP festival ( Butlins minehead in May you could come here with myself and Mr Carr - if you can sort childcare


brettcarr said...

Yes come along Amanda that would be Fab.