Friday, 9 January 2009


So I have a mystery illness. This is a mystery to me haha. At least its not a missing coil. It was found after some poking about. ick. The next mystery is how so many things in my house can break down in one day - tumble dryer, front door handle, sky plus blah blah blah. IS this sounding familiar??
Next mystery Alice's wet pillow. And not due to tears that have been shed tonight. Alice is struggling with growing up. I had an inklng this was going to happen. Tonight at gymnastics she decided not to ditch the baby voice as Amy had returned to gymnastics and she only knows her with her baby voice.In addition, she is confused by her feelings of nose-put-out-of-joint-ness, as she is no longer the littlest or youngest, Simona's sister Elizabeth is now littler, younger and cuter (her words not mine). I have tried to reassure her that she will always be loved no matter how big or old she gets and their will always be younger, littler people about, but it doesn't make them better/more lovable, etc. I really feel for her but I could see it coming for years. Everyone has always made such a fuss of how wee and cute she is. Now she is 7, has no teeth and has finally started to grow. Bless.
So I've spent today high on drugs. These painkillers are great for gibbering and giggling but they're not killing much pain. Laughed for a good half hour when I saw a toilet in someone's garden and gibbered my way through a really important meeting this morning.
I can hear the police helicopter I wonder which type of criminal is hiding in my forest tonight. Actually, I've been hearing things for days. Voices, footsteps, doors opening - I really am just going loopy aren't I.
I'll take loopy as I lost 8lb this week so loopy is working for me. Last night I made jam buns. Tonight I made homemade pizzas and lemon meringue cake. Super scrummy. Amy wanted me to keep a bit for Daddy - how sweet. When I said it may go off she suggested we make a fresh one when he comes back and asked me to pass on a hug instead.
I think I will make a list of all the things I want to achieve this year, then I can check it out next year and have a laugh that I thought I could achieve any of it.
Met a mum from school today in the street. She makes me laugh. On a night out she voiced concern about Jade Goody and asked another friend who works in the medical profession what the prognosis was - ??!! teeheehee. Was watching Star Stories today, that also makes me laugh - Bono and Kate Moss, v amusing. I love Noel Gallagher being described as celebrity pikey.
Caitlin was star pupil today for being very tidy. Alice got to show off her gymnastics certificates at asssembly and Mrs Lesperance asked her to do a couple of cartwheels. She is very chuffed. Think I've decided on outfits for London next week. Will keep you posted. It will of course depend on whether they are clean and tumble dried and ironed. Was going to iron tonight but too sore and tired and drugged. Right have to move been sitting too long and it hurts.

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