Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Went a bit mental today. I entered the race for life, the Glasgow women's 10k and the great scottish run. All of this was always going to happen but I also entered the Marie Curie Cancer Care Swimathon - 2.5K!!!! What was I thinking??? I wanted to up my running this year and do the Polaroid Road Race series but think I will be pushing it with the babysitting favours I'll be calling in for these. So running training starts in earnest, think the cross training will help. The swimming thing, ouch! Well I need a challenge and I need motivation to keep up the challenge. This week regardless of the enormous efforts I have been going to I have not lost a pound. It is tempting just to sit down and eat chocolate so I entered all my races and the swimathon in an effort to keep from being despondent. It's not just about the numbers on the scales. blah de blah...
In other news, lost the plot with Amy today as she told me a bare faced lie to my face and tried to get Caitlin to take the blame. My severe punishment? 2 crimes = 2 nights with no supper and no story. And that feels really mean. As I told Pete earlier, it's probably the only punishment I could actually carry out. I'm not going to stop them going to activities as I've paid for them already, and I can't stop TV as its just not practical sometimes and why punish all for 1 mistake. Caitlin received high praise at school for her scottish poem Mince & Tatties. Amy is too polite in places using both instead of baith for example. Alice is struggling to learn Oor Dentist. So Caitlin carries the Boucher hope of retaining the North Ayrshire Burns Trophy. I keep handy wee things in their I'm not ready to give it back. Wonder if I should polish it before giving it back?
On a high note, Alice's "visions" seem to have ceased although she did manage to conjure up a blast from the past in the form of her old drama teacher Stuart. She'd just been saying she hadn't seen him for a while and tonight he was at drama. Has my child got strange psychic powers??? This was the same child who used to see "The Man", who turned out to be my Grandpa Taylor. Shouldn't talk myself into these things before bed.
Speaking of dredging up the past, Facebook is snowballing out of control. I kind of joined facebook last year when one of Pete's friends said he had pics of his kids up on his page. Couldn't find him or anyone really and couldn't really work it. Fast forward several months and at Christmas some old friends asked if I was on facebook. So off I went in search of them and now I am strangely addicted and all sorts of people are popping up all over the place. Hmm this is getting v srange. I am v much a leave the past in the past and I keep in touch with some people over others for a reason. But maybe I have a hidden nosy streak and just have to see what's going on in people's lives.
So just for a change, I'm off to make the cheese and tomato wraps for tomorrow's lunch. We are having haggis for tea tomorrow, as we forgot the bard's birthday on Sunday - oops!! Maybe it'll give everyone a chance to practise their poetry.

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