Sunday, 25 January 2009


Sitting here watching Being Human and thoroughly enjoying it. Demons was promising but would be so much better with sex and violence post watershed. But this is very witty and quite clever. Had text from Alison saying wish you were here - yeah me too, hurumph!!

Had Amy in bed with me again last night. So not getting much sleep. Was listening to some tunes today and its really quite depressing. You hit the shower with Fall Out Boy singing full blast and then realise that you're not 19 and getting ready for the world but you're actually a 36 year old woman with 3 kids and you'll never have that whole feeling of anticipation of what the world has to offer you today ever again. Surely it can only get worse. Every day I see that I'm not going to have the halcyon days back again. Don't get me wrong I like my life and I love seeing the world through the eyes of children but it terrifies me that I'm not good enough to guide them the right way or that I'm too hard on them - will they rebel? Sometimes I'm so shouty and then I feel really bad. EEk, parenting - too hard.

Alice got her Grade 7 today at skating - am v proud. She wanted it so much and tried so hard. After skating Alice went to Marcus' birthday party and I took Amy & Cailtin along as it was at soft play. They had a great time, its ages since we've been to soft play. Beth & Emma have had their ears pierced, which started Alice on a pleading rant. Absolutley forget it, I am not putting holes in my children's ears. I know I sound like Victorian mum but noooooooooo.

Surpisingly in the Disney Channel viewers vote Camp Rock beat High School Musical. Speaking of Disney Channel, and this will only be of interest to Pete, but I have found out why the Dad in Wizards of Waverly Place doesn't use magic. Apparently when all the wizards in the family come of age, only one (the one with the greatest powers) can have the magic powers nin the family. Mr Russo did have the powers but he gave them to his brother as wizards can't marry non wizards- aahh!

After Camp Rock, I made meatballs and tom sauce while the kids played Gladiators. Amy really missing her Daddy tonight. Finally, here are pics of The Fox in action.

Being Human finished, if you missed it catch it on iPlayer or Anytime or whatever your choice of repeat.


brettcarr said...

Bless :)

brettcarr said...

Well Amanda, remember there's no parenting manual we all just try to do our best and hopefully get somewhere near getting it right. Anyway from where I am your doing a pretty good job :) Keep yer chin up.