Saturday, 15 November 2008


Glad I'm posting this in the morning as I was so cross last night I probably couldn't have and shouldn't have posted.
It was a mixed bag yesterday. Started at 4am with Cailtin coughing up some seriously disgusting stuff and then deciding to sleep in my bed, not after she'd wanted to have a chat about this and that.
When I got up for real, I made the breakfast, got the kids ready and headed for mad dog feeding time. Alan must have lost it with Eric the night before as the cat was out and fresh paper was down. Popped in to work, dogs and children were running wild - does any work go on there?? Nipped to Morros for some ingredients and home again home again clippity clop. It was a fairly quiet day.
But lets get on to the favourite topic of food!!! We made some awesome brownies, involving 2 bars choc, 3 crunchies, 4 dime bars and a bag of marshmallows. After lunch, Alice insisted we use her Baking book from the library to make Marmalade pies. They were actually fairly easy and quite tasty. I also made some homemade gnocchi for tea and some puff pastry pizzas. We had some stories in the afternoon as I introduced the girls to Holly the Christmas Fairy and all the books she had brought with her. The girls played on the computer for a while while I tidied and cooked.
Cailtin still being quite ill, it was gymnastics for Amy and Alice only. Amy did fine. I took Amy & Cailtin after gymnastics to feed the mad dogs. Am quite worried about Chief. His back legs were really splayed and struggling and he looks quite clapped in, will need to keep an eye on him.
While I was making dinner, Caitlin, who had been rapidly going downhill, popped upstairs to my bed to sleep. Ginger popped up after her and peeed all over my bed and over Caitlin. I have never been so furious. I was going to kill the cat but she ran and hid and I couldn't find her. I will find her and I will kill her. It's a new duvet every 2 weeks. The people at Asda must think I have a continence problem. Picked Alice up, still furious. Put all the kids to bed with a chapter of Gobbolino and went off to do my Tesco shopping and answer all my ebay queries. Spoke to Pete on the phone and he made me furious too.
I had posted a comment on his blog the night before as he was being all maudlin and depressed and give him a verbal kick up the arse, and he deleted my comment!!!! How outrageuos is that. I don't like what you say so I'll delete it. That is the most awful censorship and from the person who loves him most in the world and was trying their damned hardest to help. I can't be there in person to help and to soothe and cajole, the best I can do is to do it virtually. Phone time is also precious so this is the best option I have. I cannot believe he censored me.
So furious and duvetless I headed for bed. The best thing that happened - I lost 6 pounds! Hurrah! The worst - I ran out of time again!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry , you know you meant well i was an error of judgement on my part.

Anonymous said...

ooops that was meant to say I knwo you meant well. anyway i let the fact work was reading this panic me cos of the sh*t word