Sunday, 16 November 2008


Since yesterday was spent running around making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to be there before collapsing on the sofa with a bowl of Irish stew, some apple tart and Strictly its not worth talking about. Still glad Daniel dead wife has gone from X Factor. (don't know why I'm watching that show I hate everyone in it- mind you gives you excellent small talk material)
Sunday started with Alice climbing into bed with me (made a change from Caitlin I suppose) and we played Phineas and Ferb Spot The Diff for a while - most amusing. Amy woke up having a crying fit about missing Daddy, until she too realised what fun Phineas and Ferb Spot The Diff is. I spent the morning cleaning, while Alice roller skated and Amy & Cailtin played with Barbies in the bedroom. In the afternoon , I took Alice to drama, where she was to have a photocall. I came ill equipped with no make up, limited hair products and only one costume. Luckily she only needed her giant costume. Will put up a pic when I work out how to get it off my phone. It meant I had to hang about with an ill tired Cailtin and a very giggly Amy for an hour.
When we eventually came home I cleared out the Cupboard Of Doom, very satisfying.
We picked Alice up and came home to collect Bethan and me and the 4 girls traipsed off to Glasgow. There we met up with Alison & Jaclyn and all headed into George Square for the big switch on. When we arrived Singing Kettle were on stage so the girls, especially Amy, were highly excited. It all got a bit wriggly as we had a sing-a-long to Slade's Merry Christmas Everyone and Craig Chalmers singing Any Dream Will Do. But luckily the 3-2-1 came around quickly and the lights went on. And with the lights came the fireworks. They really are quite awesome, so beautiful and my oohs, wows and aahs were genuine. The start of the display was in time to The First Noel and Joy To The World, which was very moving and really beautiful. That is my only criticism, if only the whole display had been to music - sigh!- I would have cried, really. I got the short straw as I had to carry both Amy & Caitlin, my arms are aching even now as I type. Jaclyn lucked out as she got Alice.
We took a trip around the square, in our flashing bunny ears, taking in the Christmsa tree, Santa's sleigh and reindeers and, of course, the bronze nativity. It was all so lovely. Headed to the station for Burger King and then jumped on the train home - pah! heaving train, platform 11a, tired children grr....
Home to chaos of getting Bethan off home, phoning Pete and Marion, getting tomorrow's work done and eating more than a bagel at some point today. Did it all, but not the ironing- boo!
So that's it, I have very few Christmas cards so I must get some and must come up with a great gift idea for the kids from Nanny and Grandad. Anyway, Christmas starts here - JOY TO THE WORLD !!!!!!!

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brettcarr said...

Yay, you've really got me in Xmas mood now :)