Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Just a quickie as not a lot happened today. On an aside, which is better the slipper or the slipper sock? Granted the slipper sock is very cosy but you can't nip out to the washing in your slipper sock without getting soggy toes. Hmm.
So Alice wakes up with a raging temperature and complaining of stiff legs - her explanation: she must have been growing last night. She could be right. Decided to keep her off school today, no point sending her for her to be sent home again. Amy & Caitlin weren't too bothered, wellapart from Caitlin, who spent a long time considering who sher should sit beside at lunch time.
Alice and I spent a pleasurable enough day together. She got progressively better as the day went on (and the drugs kicked in probably) As a precautionary measure Amy & I have started downing a Black Elderberry supplement to boost our immune systems. As I say nothing much of note. Work, cleaning, looking after children and dogs, taking kids to gymnastics, got some exercise done - hurrah!! at last.
So over to the kids and really can some up their day thus - Alice claimed that this was the worst day of her whole life - no school, no gymnastics, forced to chill - not good!! Amy nicked Alice's magnifying glass and natural history book in a trying-hard-to-impress-my-big-sister-by-being-like -her kind of fashion and managed to drop and smash it to bits. Caitlin managed to superglue her hand. Not to anything thank God but I don't know what mess she left behind at Granny's as she claimed this was where she found the Superglue - oh joy of joys I will have tomorrow trying to unstick the cat from a chair.
And on that note I take my leave.

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