Saturday, 22 November 2008


I haven't posted for a couple of days mostly cos I'm pissed off with the world in general at the moment. I mentioned the other day that the cracks are beginning to appear and they certainly are, things are totally cocking up. Not in a big, oh my god, call the cops blah di blah way but in a small understated way that to a OCD control freak like me is in danger of crashing my whole operating system (see what I did there:)) I am the person who gets freakied out by my mugs being used in a non specific random way and not in the carefully controlled way I arrange them. I have to eat my food around the plate in a clockwise direction stopping at compass points. I know all of this is insane and if being a mother has taught me anything it is to try and not be so rigid with my systems and timings and whatever as kids don't really have the same logic (not that any of it is logical) and are the masters/kings/gods (all masculine forms of the word hmm strange given my 3 daughters) of random.
Anyway, things that I have absolutely no control over are conspiring against me and making me extremely upset as I have to have full control of everything. Stupid things like the complete vast chasm of crapness that is e-bay (I hate them, I hate all the punters, I hate e-bay.), the dvd recorder won't record on to dvd (what's the point then - exactly) and now sky plus hd is about to break down again.............. thankfully these are the trivial things.
I'm feeling the pressure of being superwoman all the time. But I can't let the persona slip as I have gobbed off so much about how my life is a piece of cake and I can handle everything. Perhaps I'm just hormonal and I'm letting things get to me, maybe I'm missing my boy and being able to let off steam to someone else occassionally.
Anyway enough of the I hate this and I hate that, the kids are fab and keep me laughing. Today's debate was who is cleverer Archie from Balamory or Dr Doofenschmirtz from Phineas and Ferb?? This debate raged for much of the morning.
Next, what's worse than a dead rat in your back garden - half a dead rat on your back step, that's what. i'm hoping that if I try to starve one of the cats they might take it away cos I really can't go near rodents dead or alive. That's the real reason for keeping a husband around. I can't exactly phone my dad or get someone from the garage to come and dispose of half a dead rat.
Until such times as the dead rat is removed laundry is suspended so I don't have to go near it.
Cooking-wise, I made some seafood chowder, turkey and apple burgers, some nice roast red pepper sauce, currys and stir frys. I'm stocking up the freezer as we are about to go into show mode and cooking will be the last thing on my mind when I return late at night with 3 tired showgirls.
Finished my Agathan Raisin book, it was okay. Hoping to finish a Jill Mansell one later tonight. Alison was giving a talk on reading and what it means to her today at a Readers' Day organised by the library. It had 4 authors giving talks and then her and one other. Very proud of her.
Speaking of Alison, we were out on Thursday night and we were coveting dresses in Hobbs, as you do. I dissed her dress choice for Gillian's wedding, purely because it was a short-ish shift dress which I think would make her look straight up and down and she needs something with more movement and shape. However, she got her own back when I showed her one that I had chosen and she told me it looked cheap and nasty and like a big red sack. Now I'm in a total flappity flap about what I'm going to wear to the wedding.
I think the world spun a little of its axis this week. John Seargant left Strictly and I had a night out and I did have a few glasses of wine. Alcohol ruins lives kids. If I can stay off the alcohol and get a good night's sleep then things might just get back on to an even keel.
Giving in to random may not be such a bad thing. just a bit too scared to see what its like over there in randomland.


Anonymous said...

big Hugs and kisses.

Just remember love is all you need, the girls love you and so do I

brettcarr said...

Well I wish I good nip up and get rid of the ex-rodent for you, but it's a bit of a trek from here my dear, keep yer chin up, give us a call if you need a chat :)

brettcarr said...

This could be the explanation to your Sky + problems

Anonymous said...

thast so geeky Brett, but i love it

Ian C said...

Chin up Mrs B

Firstly Archie is cleverest he can do things with yoghurt pots that are beyond comprehension.

Regarding the rat- surely these a big hairy scottish bloke in the family who could deal with it- or does that require Mel Gibson :oP

Alcohol ruins lives but saves sanity! I reckon. I've certainly been using the ethanolic prop recently. Reminds me I must ask Pete if there is beer in Libya!

Importantly - forgot the triva (e bay Sky etc) you are a superwoman, (Cath if you read this so are you!)- 3 kids, job, husband working away its pretty amazing far as I can tell.