Friday, 28 November 2008


Guess what snow on its way aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! So excited. The forescast this weekend is for it not to get above -1C, then on Monday, several days of snow yayayayayayay.
Secondly, public service announcement. Pete's blog is no more. It may come back online at some point but at the mo it is null and void. For details ask me privately as I can divulge no more in a public environment. nudge nudge... Only kidding. Suffice to say my husband's company are a bunch of American tossers.
Right last night the Christmas lights went on in Kilwinning. Oh what fun lalalalalala. Except it really wasn't. Mikey from BB came home to switch on the lights and a woman standing next to me pushed Amy & Caitlin out of the way so her small Yorkshire Terrier could get a better view of Mikey ????? Lots of people jumped up and down screaming for Mikey - he's not going to see you people. One surprise was a 12/13 year old boy who had pushed past us to get to the front, who then turned around apologised to me, chastised his friends for the same offence and then offered to put one of the girls on his shoulders so they could get a better view. I thought that was sweet. I couldn't face telling him that we really weren't interested in Mikey we just wanted to see the lights so we could go somewhere warm. (it was v v cold) A nice man gave me some free pakora and another nice lady gave me some free mulled wine. Hurrah!! the kids had a great time on the teacups, carousel and aeroplanes. They had a great time. Poor Cailtin was soo exhausted she was just in tears by the time we got home. We came home had some hot chocolate and apple strudel and watched Shrek The Halls.
I have more new hair, this time its super duper curly. I hope it lasts til tomorrow night. I also have new nails. Which might make a lovely sound while typing but I also make lots more mistakes so this may take a little longer. Another lovely thing was that a couple of days ago I had a hot stone massage. It was really lovely and fab but I was freezing all day after.
just about to go into Panto madness. Alice has another new song to learn. Incidentally, someone in the low green has their tree up already!!!! Now I love Christmas but wait til December kids.
I have finally finished clearing out the toyroom and all the goods have been sent to school for sale. Hopefully I can get the girls' rooms done before crimble.
Back to Panto madness. I have made a chicken and ham lasagne which we will eat as soon as we get back from school then off to the first run thru. I only need food and distraction for this one so phew.
I had booked tix for Singing Kettle at Braehead for the 12th Dec and now can't use them. They were for 5pm and Amy & Caitlin are now going to Largs with the school to see a show and won't be back til 4.15pm. I have no way of making it to Braehead on time. I can't swap them or get them refunded and its not sold out so I can't sell them so am going to end up giving them to the dance school as a raffle prize. Flipping great raffle prize...... gutted. They were great seats. Anyway 27 days to go. Yeeha!!!

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