Thursday, 13 November 2008


I am officially brainwashed there I am making dinner and trying not to notice that an organic cabbage is about half the size of a normal one when you discard all the bits that have been munched on by an organic caterpillar, when I notice that I am watching Brian O'Brian and Suite Life of Zack and Cody - aargghh!! To be honest, given the alternative is in Gaelic, maybe its not such a bad thing.
I knew today would not go well from last night. Cailtin went to bed coughing and Amy woke up during the night and trashed her bed, crying that she missed her daddy - ho hum. When I woke up this morning, Amy was once again crying because I hadn't come through to wake her up and she had to get up by herself - eh? - Caitlin was crying because she felt miserable and Alice said "Oh finally you're up we're starving. Has the world spun off its axis? Usually these children cannot stay out of my bed and enjoying jumping on my head and shouting in my ear to make sure I'm awake. Strange little people.
Hunger and food have been a running theme today. Cailtin not eating, the accusations of starving , my usual obsessions and Amy stealing sweets because she claimed she was hungry. I was very cross when I found her, mini pack of Rolos in hand and the chair placed against the worktop to climb up and nick them. When she did say sorry after being banished to her room to "think about it", I'm still not entirely sure whether she was sorry for doing it or getting caught.
It was a wee shame for Cailtin. Her temperature was very high today, she has spent the day either lying on my bed or on the sofa, sucking on her thumb. She doesn't want to eat and she's just not happy. And she's covered in snot - bless. The other two monkeys were on some sort of happy pills because they played really well today. In the morning after feeding the mad dogs and cleaning up copious amounts of cat shit - RIGHT NEXT TO THE FECKING LITTER TRAY!!!!!! and popping some books back, Cailtin still in PJs, I worked and cleaned while the kids played and watched Dora Saves The Snow Princess. Just before lunch we made snow globes and they all made a really nice job of it. I couldn't get anything to stick to the lid of Amy's and we were trying to put a Dora figurine on when I had the magical brainwave of using Superglue. Or at least I would have done had my husband not superglued the superglue to the shelf of the cupboard. In the end I sellotaped Dora on, which obviously didn't last long and now she's kinda floating about in the glitter.
In the afternoon, we had lots of stories and we were going to have some games but then I got ties up with some more work. On the plus side that means I have some time tonight to exercise - seeing how its weigh in tomorrow thought I should make the effort.
On the long running saga of Paypal, it would seem that Paypal have a problem with cahoot cards and will not verify their existence - great. And my Clydesdale card was supposed to have been registered with secure code 5 weeks ago. How am I supposed to know I don't use it. So I have tried as much as I can to rectify these problems and now will attempt to register the work card, this could be fun.
The hunt for a dress for the wedding continues. Debenhams have their mega day tomorrow. Will look for a present but am not going to buy a dress. i hope to have lost more weight by the wedding.
The advent calendars arrived today - it is officially now 6 weeks to Christmas I think I'm allowed to start getting excited and mentioning it A LOT. They are very cute and I think they suit everyone down to the ground. It is so hard to find advent calendars that don't have choccies and are nice traditional old fashioned open the door ones. But ChristmastimeUK is the place to be. Amy's has a pic of a Christmas tree covered in glitter, Caitlin's has 3 wise men with pom pom beards and Alice's has the tradtional nativity manger scene but every day you add numbered stickers to the scene (oh yes Amanda so hard to get those traditional calendars with doors) and mine is a Night Before Christmas house with lots of doors and windows, a la Christmas Vacation.
So not much to write about tonight. I have started an Agatha Raisin book and so far so good. Shame we couldn't get to the Science Centre but a rest is as good as anything for this lot.
Better go and serve dinner before they accuse me of starving them again.

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