Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Are my 2 favourite things to do with my spare time. It was a day to be glad to be alive. Only in Scotland do you get those crisp mornings where everything is white and sparkly yet the sun is shining in the sky and everything is clean. Take great big deep breaths in and feel your lungs cleansed - absolutely beautiful. So I went for a walk to appreciate the loveliness of the day and came back with the biggest ever smile.
Won't bore you with the work work work, bit of cleaning, nature of my day as you can't wait to find out who joined me in the bath. Well it was (drum roll) Who's Who in The Archers 2009 edition, perfect.
Tonight joining me and the modfather will be either the Archers again or John Masefield and his Box Of Delights (that was typed in Julian Clary's voice don't know how you're reading it).
Tried so hard not to punch the other parents at gymnastics. Why do they bother paying for gymnastics when they are so obviously top coached themselves. Well they must be since they sit there watching, criticising the coaches and trying to get their own kids attentions so that they can tell them to pay attention - WTF!!!! Don't get me wrong Amy & Caitlin did a fair amount of messing about but I'm quite sure Julia et al are more than equipped to deal with it. Think my findraising efforts on the various committees are getting confused. Today I took in a bag of goodies for the hamper for the school Xmas Fayre (this Saturday) only to be given strange looks and a "this is usually the staff that do the hamper and Parent Council donate raffle prizes and crap to be sold" - oops! Obviously the hamper stuff is for dancing - must check my notes drrr!!
Pete will be pleased to hear that after a half hearted clearout I have 2 boxes of toys and 1 box of books to go to the Fayre so far - hurrah!! Just have to find time in my busy schedule to get them there. Think mum has a box of stuff and Alison has a box of books at work which I will have a pruch through at some point before giving them away. My angels are all fine which is good and all is right with the world today. Well apart from when I made a cake and it was a bit crap. Semolina and Yoghurt Cake with a Pomegranite Syrup. Hmm, rock hard and the cardammon seeds made it quite queer. Still syrup's nice and the kids didn't complain. Yesterday I finished 2 books and today I finished 2 films that I've been meaning to watch for a while (well I was ironing). Ironing is a bit like running. I hate running and the only thing that keeps me going is listening to music. Ironing, I don't hate but I might if I didn't have a good film to watch. Anyway watched Notes On A Scandal and Little Miss Sunshine. The former was very true to the book and not sure if this is good or bad, I feel indifferent toward it as I did the book. The latter was exceptionally sweet and charming. The characters were fabulously written and acted, where you can go from despising every last one of them at the beginning to really caring for them all at the end. Which brings me to tonight's poser? Apart from the truly awful Muriel's Wedding has Toni Collette ever been in a bad film?

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brettcarr said...

I thought little Miss Sunshine was fab too but not quite as good as 'Juno' that I watched the other night. As for Toni, well the first time I ever watched Muriels Wedding I thought it was quite good, but I swear each time I watch it, it gets worse so don't bother anymore.