Thursday, 20 November 2008


I didn't post last night for 2 reasons. 1) It was a fairly dull day and 2) I couldn't be bothered I wanted to have a bath with Will Young and Katie Price (now that's surely a gay man's dream come true, come to think of it I think I may be a gay man - musicals, cooking, bitchy, enormous amount s of style, the evidence just keeps growing)
Anyhoo, Alice was off school again but again I had to drag her around a few work related chores and to feed the mad dogs - the fecking cat just cannot seem to use a litter eurgh! Chief looked to be on his last legs and it was very upsetting to watch. A phonecall later from Alan seemed to suggest that I really should have been giving the poor mutt some sort of medicine for the last 2 weeks. Great, so now through sheer incompetence I shall be responsible for the death of a poor old dog.
The children were all in great form this afternoon. The were funny and cute and sweet and I love them all dearly. Miracle cure - Calpol 6+ Meltlets, one tablet and Alice's temp dropped for the first time in 48 hours.
Not great form - E-bay and Paypal. Total bastards. E-bay threw off all my listings for not complying with rules that I very much complying with. And Paypal won't fix my problem of confirming credit cards. I hate them both and especially cos you can't phone them and shout at a grunt and scare them into fixing all your problems - aarrrghhh!!!!
Got some more exercise in- hurrah!-while on the phone to Marion sorting out Tooth Tunes for the kids Xmas (close your eyes little Bouchers). Also spoke to me bez - Yay, yay and more yay!! She texts to say have you got a spare 10mins for a chat and an hour later I hung up - oops!!
Never mind it was great to speak to her and her boy and I miss them very much but that's the Carter Crimble also sorted (look away little Carter). PDB sounds more cheerful these days and Amy stayed with me to the bitter end to speak to him tonight, the other 2 said their bit and went to bed, well Caitlin nearly did but she was very busy drawing. Amy had a wee accident while I was on the phone. you know that pub game where you spin around a brush and then try to walk. Well she did that minus the brush but plus a monkey hat, some Dora Pjs and gloves. Whilst attempting the walk bit she crashed face first on the floor, the monkey hat was no protection.
She actually went to bed in the monkey hat, she was so cute I had to take a pic, cruel but soooo cute.


Anonymous said...

Now I built that bathroom and have ahd many a bath in there . I am pretty certain that there isn't enough room for youm, Will YOung and especially not Jordan, alhtough it would be a good bath, minus Will young of course, i;d take his place.

brettcarr said...

You sound liek you had an eventfaul day :)
Here is a number for ebay customer services hope it helps:
020 8080 2105