Monday, 17 November 2008


How come Pete's been away over a week yet I'm still ironing shirts and washing pants - how? Just watched Knocked Up. It's rubbish. Anyway today's events. Slept in as I had set the alarm for 6pm and not 6am. D'oh! Missed the morning workout and straight to the getting ready bit. Loved wondering around in my velcro rollers a la 50s housewife. Caitlin seemed a lot perkier today, thank goodness. Alice ate far too many bowls of Curiously Cinnamon (formerly Cinnamon Grahams - seriously chaps, sack your marketing manager these are both very poor attempts). After feeding the mad dogs, left the children at work and off to the docs. I just love the mad doctor. I got a great story about how one day he correctly diagnosed a woman's conditions to which I said "yay you" as I couldn't think of a more appropriate response. Anyway, I am now being tested for Coeliac disease and Endometriosis and have been referred for further gastro-intenstinal and gynalogical testing - lovely, lucky me.
Went to work, picked up by bits and bobs. Only another 5000 items to list on e-bay, yay :(
Picked the kids up from Gran's and then went shoe shopping. Not for me though. Had to get the kids some winter boots suitable for school. Got some nice ones in Brantano for Alice and Caitlin but not Amy. Amy's feet are a weird size. She was an 8.5, Clarks size now 9, however, no size 8 or 9 would fit her - aarghg!! Cailtin went into a massive sulk in the shop because the only size 9 appropriate was one with a flashing butterfly. Sounds lovely, yes? Not when your twin sister is trying on a pair that are patent black with black sequins. Sulk was over when Caitlin tried on Amy's (size8) and claimed they were THE most comfortable boots ever. So Caitlin got a pair of size 8 boots (they probably are large made because they were too big for Amy). I give it 2 weeks max before whe claims they are sore. Alice got a pair half a size too small too. We'll see. Shopping is so much easier when the children are not there. We traipsed round every shop looking for a pair for Amy to no avail. Matalan here I come.
Lunch - no-one ate anything. Iworked some more in the afternoon and the kids played downstairs. Got everyone ready for Tap & Theatre when Alice started crying for no reason, claiming that there was something stuck in her throat and that she felt strange. I still packed everyone off but she cried all the way to Irvine. This is so not like her that I decided she probably was genuinely ill. Decided to keep her off dancing, after she convinced me she knew the dances. Unfortunately, I still had to go do jobs so had to drag her to the post office, to work to wrap up door cards and then back to dancing. Fed the mad dogs came home for a lovely slap up breakfast - Pete look away now - sausage, bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms and toast, yum, yum, yum.
Alice and Cailtin went straight to bed after bath, after some medicine each. Amy stayed up to speak to Pete - its when her smile is at its biggest.
Have been re-thinking the seating layout in the front room. Think I will give myself a 2 week time limit to get rid of the old suite and then get a new chaise and 4 seater for the room. As usual, I'll forget and then try and get something last minute blah blah blah.
So school's back tomorrow so I'd better go and make 3 packed lunches, polish the shoes and get my work together for the morning. Must ask Pete where to plug the Wii and why the outside sockets aren't working. Or I should really try to be more self sufficient. Tired, yawn....

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