Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Haven't posted since Sunday, mainly cos I've been far too busy. Work has just gone insane. Advertising scrap cars and breaking the parts maybe a great money spinner, but jesus, the admin work involved is immense. That coupled with the fact that Paypal have put limitations on my account and won't accept i'm me and those are my cards and I could totally freak out. Luckily, as the week progresses the kids have less on at night and so time becomes a tiny bit less precious.

Monday was just chaos. Instead of my usual Monday morning of nipping into work to catch up on my weekly tasks then get back home to crack on with the work and make a bit of a dent in my weekly hours, I was there until after 2pm, trying to sort things out. This meant no lunch - boo! and no exercise- double boo!! (although I had managed a sneaky 45 minutes in the morning with Clare Sweeney). So after school run, dance run, nip in to Tesco to spend vouchers on stocking fillers and some lovely new decs., back to dancing, make the dinner, do the homework and all the usual evening routine I was shattered. Back to concentrating on work, while watching some DVDs. Finally finished work about 10ish and went to make the next day's lunch blah blah blah. I was in a foul mood. The children had moaned all day long and I wsa snapping at them - I think it was a vicious circle of moan and snap. I was a fairly miserable git.

Slept in on Tuesday - that never ever bodes well. Nipped in to work and then to feed the mad dogs, had forgotten about them and had to turn back and do it - oops!! Back home eventually and back into a cycle of work, clean, work, double clean as Aunt Jean was coming to babysit and I didn't want her to think we were scummy swines. Off to Gymnastics, spoke to Marion on the phone which was pleasant enough and Jaclyn about Sunday's Christmas Lights Switch On in Glasgow - she's going to come YAY!! Fed dogs and dashed back home to finish of dinner, bath and feed children before Aunt Jean turned up and I dashed off to Parents Night.

Parents Night was fine, great really. It's lovely to have other people praise your children so highly. And it's lovely to hear that maybe I'm not doing such a bad job after all. The 3 girls are apparently kind, lovely, confident happy children - who could ask for more. :) Both Amy and Caitlin had written in their news books about Daddy going away to work on an aeroplane and Amy had added how much she missed him, brought a great big lump to my throat, Alice's newsbook was full of stories about going to try on flower girl dresses and having sleepovers. Apart from Monday's entry, where she had drawn a poppy and written - Yesterday was rememberance day, we had to keep quiet and remember all the soldiers who died in the war. I thought I was going to burst into tears, how thoughtful can a 6 year old be. Earlier in the day, the news was full of how young people don't know the significance of poppies on the 11th of Nove so it did make me very proud. I had planned, once home to have a bath and an early night. However, Marion phoned just after 8, so I was 30mins on the phone, then had something to eat and then worked. So by the time I crawled into bed it was getting late and I was very tired.

And so to today...

As I stayed up so late last night, I lay in a bed probably a bit too long, so there was yet another mad dash to get ready and an even crazier dash to try and cobble together 3 lots of £1.70 for lunch. Job done, out the door and on time, phew! After dropping off at school, off to feed the mad dogs only to find the cat had shit everywhere and the cleaners were due. Have never cleaned out a litter tray so fast -so fast I actually got covered in cat poo, in to the bargain the parents had left the extra litter in a storage box in the porch on the highest possible shelf - HELLOOO, how mad are you?? Job done and a foot down all the way, through the streets of Kilwinning, Stevenston and Saltcoats to get to the hairdressers. Went to the wrong car park and it seemed fate was once more conspiring. After nitgate it was a tense time in the hairdressers. Every time Robert paused I waas convinced he was going to go eurgh!! or call someone else over. My heart was in my mouth for hours. Anyway, after all the tension and chat about 40s inspried dos, shoes, X Factor etc, I came out with a fab new hairdo. It feels strange to be dark again, will have to review make-up, shoes, accessories.

Home for another non-lunch and more work then off to work for some more erm work. My hours for this week are now completed and its only Wednesday. I s'pose that's good bearing in mind that the schools are on holiday for 3 days. Need to go and do the ironing now, A&C were impeccably behaved today I must say. At school, Cailtin loved my new hair and even brought her teacher over to see "Mummy's new hair". Amy was not so impressed and burst into tears because "we don't match anymore". She was soon tholled by a promise of pink nail varnish just like mummy's. Alice went off to drama and me, Amy and Caitlin painted our nails. I made a 3 course meal tonight, lentil soup, garlic lamb with cannellini bean stew and berry ice cream. Quite impressive for the short space of time I had. Hurrah!
Took Amy & Caitlin out in their pjs and boots to pick up Alice. She was bubbling over with excitement when I picked her up, she's going to be in the finale, getting to walk down the stairs on her own. That is very very exciting. She has been praticising her actions as well. I hope she remembers all this on stage.
Today's questions:
Should I buy some new shoes to match my new hair?
Should I have a Christmas cocktail party for Parent Council?

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Anonymous said...

love the new hairdo, tres chic. Not so keen on the idea of you revieweing your makeup and shoes. i have only just finished the walk in wardrobe and the space the other one is supposed to be for me.
Although I am not there to stop you...eek love you x. very porud of the girls reports and behaviour